Report: Tech companies didn’t allow feds “direct access” to their servers, but they agreed to help

Chris Winfield:

Yeah….sure, Zuck….we believe you….whatever.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Several major internet companies may not have given the federal government “direct access” to their servers to facilitate snooping for personal data, as was initially alleged by a report earlier this week, but many of them did agree to set up special access to their data when requested through secret court orders, according to a report in the New York Times late Friday.

Companies such as Google (s goog), Facebook (s fb) and Apple (s aapl) all claimed this week that they had never heard of a National Security Agency program called PRISM that reportedly gave intelligence analysts access to all kinds of personal data stored on the servers of the largest internet companies on the planet. But while the NSA may not have shared the code name for the project, first disclosed in reports from The Washington Post and the Guardian Thursday, “the companies were essentially asked…

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