Michele Bachmann’s Bad News For Hillary Clinton: People ‘Aren’t Ready’ For A Female President

Michele Bachmann’s Bad News For Hillary Clinton: People ‘Aren’t Ready’ For A Female President.



The country isn’t (and never was) ready for Michelle Bachman as POTUS.  You’d think she’d have picked up on that by now.

Tea Baggers Freaking Out Over Coca Cola Superbowl Ad. Seriously?

The controversy over the Coca Cola ad seems to be a hot topic today.  I actually thought it was a beautiful promotion of American ideals. 

Of the 381 languages spoken here today, 169 of these languages are Native North American languages.  However, while the ancestral languages of American natives are often forgotten, there are 372,000 people them speaking them today.  In fact, of all 44 American presidents (43 if you count Grover Cleveland twice, in which case, the POTUS number is actually 43), at least half could speak or write a language other than English. 

Nevertheless, this ad was airing at the Super Bowl, after all, the most American of American sporting events.  Anyone who says s/he is an American, but something else also (African American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American), isn’t really an American at all, now, are they.  If you’re and American, you’re American first, and you don’t make America bend to your culture. 

Now, If people actually paid attention to our American culture they would realize we are not like other countries.  Except for those who can claim Native American ancestry, everyone else in America is the product of foreigners.  Complaints about this ad have nothing to do with race and everything to do with preserving a misguided and uninformed (re)vision of a unique American heritage that never actually existed.

Heartland America is no longer monolingual no matter what paper bags the reactionaries pull over their heads.


Texas Attorney General Files Emergency Appeal Of Ruling Against Abortion Restrictions

Here’s how it goes in Texas.
Restricting your 2nd Amendment right to keep and bare arms: BAD.
Restricting a woman’s 4th Amendment to privacy and her right to make her own medical decisions without government intrusion: GOOD.
I’m glad I could clear that up for you.
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